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One more Transaero plane joined the project Flight of Hope
One more Transaero plane joined the project Flight of Hope

Dear friends! On the 4th of July 2015 the second plane Boeing 747 (Transaero Airlines) that had joined the charity project Flight of Hope began to make flights from the airport Vnukovo.

This project is unique in russian civil aviation. It gives its passengers a possibility to make donations towards the therapy of the children under the care of the fund Life Line who have severe heart, brain and spinal diseases right on the spot. Donations can be received during the flight via mobile bank terminals, Internet and SMS due to the satellite facilities on the board.

The mission of the project is reflected in the exclusive design of fuselages on the both Boeings 747. They are decorated with dozens of bright patterned hand-prints which are symbolizing the hand of help given to the children who need our support so badly.

Creating of the design of the second plane was made with the help of not only russian celebrities, but also Transaero stuff members who participate in the corporative volunteer movement, they have made a valuable contribution to the implementation of the project. Prints of their palms prove the unity of all the people who are ready to do good ant to give children a hope of recovery.

The project gained one the three prize-winning places of the All-Russia contest ’Leaders of Corporative Charity’ and got an award ’People Investor’. Th significance of this project of Transaero for the development of high social responsibility and positive attitude to charity in our society was also highly appreciated. The passengers of the ’Flight of Hope’ have already helped to save 27 children under the care of the fund ’Life Line’, more than 4 milliard roubles having been transferred for the therapy.

Choose ’Flight of Hope’ and help children!


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