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Life Line Fund

About the Life Line Charity Foundation

The Life Line Charity Foundation for saving seriously ill children provides targeted assistance to children up to 18 years of age whose life is threatened by dangerous diseases. The foundation funds high-technology surgeries, medical equipment acquisition, and medical research.

The foundation’s programs include endoprosthesis for bone sarcoma, home-based artificial pulmonary ventilation (in partnership with the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health), and the Alfa-Endo Program.

The Life Line Charity Foundation supports the development of high technologies, which are becoming available as a result of its work.

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The Life Line Charity Foundation

Our organization was established to provide assistance to children 18 years old and under who have diseases that modern medicine can deal with. We want to motivate people to get involved in the life of every child who is suffering.

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The «5P» Rule

Over the course of my many years in charity work I came up with what I call the 5P Rule: «Pomogat' — pravil'no, prosto, priyatno, polezno!» In other words, helping people is the right thing to do. It's simple. It makes you feel good. And it's worth doing! Sick children make us all sad. Obviously, if we let it depress us, we will stay sad. We try to raise money in as positive a manner as possible, and we strive to spark in people a desire to get involved in our charity projects. We are certain that together we can help! Join now!

Faina Zakharova
president of the fund
Awarded the distinction "For the blessing"

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