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Intermediate results of the campaign «Any coin’s cost»

Intermediate results of the campaign «Any coin’s cost»

Dear friends! We are, as you, impatiently waiting for the final sum, we managed to collect during our campaign “Any coin's cost”. The campaign took place in 8 cities, and so much change has been collected, that our partner “Alfa Bank” is still counting it. Meanwhile we hasten to tell you intermediate results: at the moment the sum is 1 million 22 thousands 106 rubles 45 kopecks.

We've already paid for the operation for Yelovikova Olya, for her the campaign was carried out, and who was diagnosed progressive idiopathic scoliosis. Olya needed a high-tech operation, using metalwork. The total value is 642 220 rubles.

Here is what Olya\'s mother, Natalya Vladimirovna, told us:

“Olya was discharged from the hospital! We are glad that all is over and that the operation was successful. The daughter feels fine now. The back still hurts slightly, of course, but not so much. I'm glad especially, that my merry daughter gets back to life, she isn't out of breath while walking any more, the heart works well! Th doctor allowed me to come to Olen\'ka in intensive care after the operation.

I embraced her, caressed her and whispered in her ear: “All is well!” Olya has finished 10 grade by now, in herschool diary there are only 4 and 5! The classmatesvisited Olya in the hospital and often come to see her now at home. She is energetic and cheerful girl, I think, it is boring in her class without her.”

And that is what Olya told us:

“While I was lying in the hospital, waiting for the operation, I was afraid. However I wasn't alone there. There were other children around me, whom the fund “Life Line” helped.

But I was the first for the operation. When it was over, I cheered the children to make them fear less, told them about my operation, I said that it wasn't frightful or painful.

My first thought, when I came back after the narcosis, was this: “Iwant to my Mom!” Now I'm fine, I can sit, walk. I want to be a doctor! My mother is a doctor, and I am very thankful to the doctors, who operated and supervised me. I want to help people, as they do!”

Dear friends! We sincerely thank all the participants of the campaign, who have helped us to make another story happy.

Now we are waiting for the final result to tell the name of the child, who will be given the rest of the collected funds.


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