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Charity Race 5275
Charity Race 5275
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On September 23, 2012 for the first time ever the «Life Line» fund, dedicated to saving seriously ill children, the «United Way» charity fund and the fund «Reach for Change» will carry out charity Race 5275 in the Central amusement park in the name of Gorky. Development of charity culture among the public, bringing attention to healthy life-style and fundraising for implementation of charity programs are the main purposes of this Race.

Charity marathons are not common in Russia, while in many European and American cities they are one of the most significant and long-awaited events. The famous London marathon is especially popular: thousands of people cover hundreds of kilometers every year in order to cope with the distance and bring help to those who need it.

Therefore the «Life Line» fund, the «United Way» fund and the fund «Reach for Change» joined forces in order to create a good tradition and afford an opportunity for everyone who cares to make a contribution to solving social tasks by jogging, an activity which is at the same time good for one’s health.

Why 5275? It’s simple: we want to gather runners of various training levels to achieve one common goal — to raise funds which will be spent on implementation of the programs of the funds mentioned above. For every participant to finish the Race, we have decided to cut the length of classical marathon to 1/8. Participating in the charity Race every year, running 8 distances in a row, one could become a real marathoner. Attention: you have to be at least 14 years old to participate in the Race.

Reaching the goal.

In the framework of the event 2 more races will also take place — one for children under 14 and one called «Stars’ start», in which celebrities of sports, cinema and show business will take part: Sergey Lazarev, Evelina Bledans, Dmitry Bikbaev, Kseniya Borodina, Lyajsan Utyasheva, Marina Khlebnikova, Natalya Pereverzeva, Dmitry Pershin and many others.

Everyone can participate in the charity Race 5275. To do that, please register on the website www.5275.ru and make a donation of 1,000 rubles. Hurry up, number of participants is limited!

All raised funds will be distributed among three charity funds: «Life line», «United Way» and «Reach for Change».

Detailed info as well as the program of the event can be found at www.5275.ru.


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