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One billion for helping children!
One billion for helping children!

Dear friends, let us share the important and pleasant news with you. The amount of funds raised during the lifetime of the «Life line» fund for the purpose of saving seriously ill children exceeded 1 billion rubles!

This became a reality due to the good will of kind-hearted people: thousands of individuals and hundreds of socially responsible companies.

«Is 1 billion a lot or a little? At least, it sounds impressive. The collected billion is truly golden — it allowed 5,260 severely ill children to return to a full life. We hope, that future Olympic champions, outstanding dancers and gymnasts, as long as simply men of heart are growing up among our wards!» says Faina Zakharova, president of the «Life line» fund.

We thank our friends and partners, corporations’ employees, responsible volunteers, responsive stars, and media partners from the bottom of our heart. We say a big thank you to all those who are taking an active part in our charity events and large-scale projects, everyone who participated in saving seriously ill children. Without your support, our results would have been much more modest. 

We are saving children together!


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