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Heart of an Angel party
Heart of an Angel party

On 15 February the Heart of an Angel party was held at the club Alibi. The event was organised by a World of Leaders.

A World of Leaders is an ambitious group of people who have come together with a common goal - to save childrens' lives. The night featured performances by: Shoom, the dance collective Joy, the young Moscow pop-rock band Kein, Maria Lineva, songwriter and performer, and the rapper Pavel Moroz.

All proceeds were donated to the charitable foundation Lifeline to pay for a high-tech surgery for Kirill Kutniy, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (atrial septal defect). To correct the defect, Kirill requires surgery with an occluder. The necessary tools will cost RUB 153,524.

Thanks to all those kind-hearted party guests we collected RUB 39,010.

The charitable foundation Lifeline would like to thank the World of Leaders team for their great initiative and active participation in saving sick children, as well as all those who answered Kirill's call for help.


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