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June 25th 2011

The “Loose change saves lives” campaign featured on TV1, May 2011

June 1th 2011

Summer charity festival in Hermitage Garden

On 5 June the charity “Life Line” held their event to mark Child Protection Day in the Hermitage garden.

Летний праздник жизни from Sergey_Zhdanov on Vimeo.


June 11th 2010

Our new Video clip

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners! We recently got a new video clip. Our friend Aleksandr Semin has created and filmed it for uswith his team. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present it to you.

Author and general producer: Aleksandr Semin
Executive producer: Sergey Amelichev
Production manager: Chaba Bakosh
Director: Igor Stekolenko
Camera: Dmitri Maksimenko
Line producer: Yulia Smachelyuk
Composer: Sergey Kovalskiy
Production: One Pound Pictures

October 18th 2009

“Saving Children Together!” Charitable Event

“Saving Children Together!” Charitable Event took place on October 17th 2009 at the Grand International Equestrian Club Pradar. A “Star Workshop”  which featured famous people of Russian culture and show business was conducted on the balcony of the riding hall. The “workshop” participants received a gypsum blank horse which they then decorated. At the end of the evening those lots were sold at a charitable auction.

Saving children together!
Report from the “Life Line” Fund event

June 3rd 2009

The “Life Line” Fund participated in the “Flea Market” at the “Modul” Retail Centre

On June 3rd 2009 the “Life Line” Fund participated in the “Flea Market” at the “Modul” Retail Centre. All the antiquity fans were able to donate for surgeries for two severely ill children. A charitable auction also took place here. The lots featured at this auction were presented by famous people of our country.

Save children’s smiles
Charitable auction of the “Life Line” Fund

June 1st 2009

Presentation of the star photo-project

On June 1st 2009, Children’s Day, the presentation of Vladimir Shirokov’s  star photo-project “Red Nose — Kind Heart” took place on the “Soho Rooms” summer terrace. Throughout the evening an auction where everybody could purchase an autographed photo of a favourite star for a charitable donation was held on the “Soho Rooms” terrace.  

Red Nose — Kind Heart
Charitable auction at the “Soho Rooms” Club

May 30th 2009

Helping is easy. Join us!

On May 30th 2009 a charitable campaign “Helping is easy. Join us!” took place at the “Hermitage” city garden. Throughout the day all the guests could participate in a charitable fair, to create toys and crafts together with children. A star workshop was also open at the garden where famous people created crafts for a charitable auction. 

Art saves children
Charitable campaign at the “Hermitage” garden

April 1st 2009

Red Nose — Kind Heart

On April 1st 2009 stars came to the “Metropol” Club to participate in the “Red Nose — Kind Heart” photo-project curated by the famous photographer Vladimir Shirokov. All the photo portraits of the stars with their autographs became lots for a charitable auction.

Stars help children
Report: Vladimir Shirokov’s Photo project “Red Nose” for the “Life Line” charitable fund

March 11th 2009

Grand dinner at Bilzho’s

Restaurant Club “Petrovich” and “Life Line” Fund held a charitable culinary evening. Famous artists turned into chefs and prepared dished from their personal culinary books. By purchasing an exclusive dinner made by the stars and priced at 3000 rubles the guests were helping save a child’s life.

Grand dinner at Bilzho’s
Charitable dinner of the “Life Line” Fund at Andrey Bilzho’s legendary restaurant “Petrovich”

February 17th 2009

Ulitskaya helps children

A round table discussion on the topic “Do orphanages need book donations?” took place on February 17th 2009. Various ways of educational assistance to Russian orphanages today became the main topic of the discussion. The round table was held as a part of the social discussion project “Philanthropic Russia”.

Ulitskaya helps children.
Public discussion as a part of the social discussion project “Philanthropic Russia”.

September 25th 2009

Dolls save lives

The charitable auction “Star Doll Parade for Children” took place on September 25th at Arkadiy Novikov’s restaurant “Next Door”. Famous people, politicians, businessmen, cinema and theatre actors, writers, painters, TV stars, design and art masters created their dolls specially for the auction  with the main goal of raising money and providing real help to severely ill children.

Dolls save lives
“Star Doll Parade for the Children” Auction

Faina Zakharova

“Every day we receive letters where mothers and fathers tell us about the lives of their children after surgery. You could make a book out of those stories. In a sense it could be called a textbook, a short guide for those who want to be happy. In it children show how to get into things, enjoy, exhibit magnanimity and gratitude, how to be strong and what is more, how to be children. For children are the happiest people in the word. It is only necessary to ensure that they are healthy”.