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About the Fund

In the beginning the was the Word

In our case it was the sad statistics of child mortality in Russia. In our country 60 thousand children die annually, a fifth of those from delayed medical care. Those parents who faced this tragedy, know firsthand what it means to outlive their children.

Then there was action

We decided to change this terrifying figure and on June 1st 2004 created the “Life Line” charitable programme for saving severely ill children. The successful experience of international organizations working in the fields of health and philanthropy was used in developing the Programme. The programme gained the status of a Fund in 2008.

Goal of the Fund

The goal of the “Life Line” Fund is decreasing the figures of child mortality from severe diseases curable at the current level of development in the medical field. Due to the financial support of Russian companies and individuals “Life Line” is constantly developing.

Mission of the Fund

The mission of the “Life Line” Charitable Fund is saving severely ill children and nurturing the culture of philanthropy in the society.

The Fund is nationwide since it finances the treatment of children throughout the entire country. So far the “Life Line” Fund has saved more than 9532 children all over Russia. All money received by “Life Line” are used only for treating children.

Working documents of the “Life Line” Fund:

  1. Certificate of State Registration of the Fund
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Tax Authority Registration Certificate
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Charter of the Fund
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Programme of the Fund
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Public offer
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Faina Zakharova

“Every day we receive letters where mothers and fathers tell us about the lives of their children after surgery. You could make a book out of those stories. In a sense it could be called a textbook, a short guide for those who want to be happy. In it children show how to get into things, enjoy, exhibit magnanimity and gratitude, how to be strong and what is more, how to be children. For children are the happiest people in the word. It is only necessary to ensure that they are healthy”.