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Thanks to the help of our volunteers, we are able to implement the most daring ideas and to conduct multiple interesting campaigns directed at helping severely ill children. The volunteers of the “Life Line” Fund are people with various interests, every one of them has their own busy life and their own goals. However, first of all, these are people who are ready to help , share a part of themselves and give their time for children’s health and happiness.

If you would also like to become a volunteer, just write us an email at: with a note “Volunteer”.

Aleksandra Yarmolnik
Life Line... What is it? The name of a charitable fund? A line on your palm? Or is it the sum of your actions, all dreams which you made come true? Id like to think that it is with good deeds that many people measure the Life Line. I help this Fund because I cant but do so. There is so much cruelty, indifference, coldness in the world, and I would like to see it become different. And while I have the time, the strength, and the will, I will try to make it a little bit better.

Ekaterina Scherbatenko
Vice-president of HR of a major management company
I have been with Life Line for a few years now, and in this time the Fund has become something close, natural, and inseparable from my own life. I help because I can. Because it is not hard at all and sometimes even a lot of fun. Because children must live, because people must know that their help, even if insignificant at first glance,is needed. I help because it gives me an opportunity to get energy, strength, and kindness from people who work there. I help because I feel great pride and honor to be a part of this huge, important task, even if only at times.

Irina Khopryaninova
Student at Moscow University of Industry and Finance, Faculty of Sports Management
Unfortunately today there is a lot of cruelty and indifference. To me helping raise funds for treatment of ill children consists not only in saving precious life, but also in the opportunity to attract peoples attention to a current problem which concerns us all.

Natalya Arkhangelskaya
Graduated from MATI Russian State Technological University with honors in 2010
I like helping the Fund. I wish that there would be more kindness in our world, because everybody should be happy, especially if it is a child.

Olga Pankova
Designer at the Architect informational agency
I help the Fund because I believe that people should help others in need whichever way they can. The Life Line Fund has an incredibly positive energy about it. By performing rather easy work at the events, you get moral satisfaction and a dose of good mood.

Svetlana Efremova
I do PR as a part of my own Internet project
I decided to help the Life Line Fund because I believe that I can make my small contribution to improvement of everyday life. Children are the future which begins here and now, and in my view, it is especially important that this future is healthy and happy.

Faina Zakharova

Every day we receive letters where mothers and fathers tell us about the lives of their children after surgery. You could make a book out of those stories. In a sense it could be called a textbook, a short guide for those who want to be happy. In it children show how to get into things, enjoy, exhibit magnanimity and gratitude, how to be strong and what is more, how to be children. For children are the happiest people in the word. It is only necessary to ensure that they are healthy.