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Cerebrovascular pathology

Сосудистая патология головного мозгаCerebrovascular pathology is a group of diseases related to the vessels in the brain which may lead to impairment of blood circulation in the brain and cerebral haemorrhage. The most common diagnoses are aneurisms (ballooning of a vessel wall which may rupture) and arteriovenousmalformations (connection between vessels which is normally absent).

In the past cerebrovascular pathology was considered to be limited to seniors, however due to advances in diagnostics it was discovered that children can also be affected by this pathology, although not as frequently as adults. Accurate data on incidence among children in Russia are absent. However, stroke in children from one month to 18 years of age is seen in approximately 7.8 cases per 100,000 annually. Vascular pathology may be either congenital or acquired (for example, due to trauma).

The nature of surgical treatment consists in isolating the ballooned portion of the vessel from blood circulation or stopping vascular connection. In the past surgeries were conducted with craniotomy and application of a metal clip. Now a sparing surgery through a small puncture is possible: embolization with special coils, detachable balloons, or glue (which are placed in the cavity of aneurysm or stop the vascular connection). Undoubtedly, this type of surgery is less traumatic and sometimes the only way to help a patient. The recovery period is also substantially shorter.

The cost of necessary consumable materials/instruments ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000 rubles depending on the manufacturer and the nature/extent of the pathology.

We currently provide assistance in purchasing materials necessary for embolization of congenital aneurisms and malformations for children who are being treated in the N. N. Burdenko Neurosurgery Research Institute (Moscow), in Pediatric Municipal Clinical Hospital № 1 (Saint-Petersburg), negotiation with the Scientific Centre for Haematology (Moscow) are underway.

Faina Zakharova

“Every day we receive letters where mothers and fathers tell us about the lives of their children after surgery. You could make a book out of those stories. In a sense it could be called a textbook, a short guide for those who want to be happy. In it children show how to get into things, enjoy, exhibit magnanimity and gratitude, how to be strong and what is more, how to be children. For children are the happiest people in the word. It is only necessary to ensure that they are healthy”.