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Faina Zakharova.
Faina Zakharova
President of the Fund
“Every day we receive letters where mothers and fathers tell us about the lives of their children after surgery. You could make a book out of those stories. In a sense it could be called a textbook, a short guide for those who want to be happy. In it children show how to get into things, enjoy, exhibit magnanimity and gratitude, how to be strong and what is more, how to be children. For children are the happiest people in the word. It is only necessary to ensure that they are healthy”.

Elena Zhirkova.
Elena Zhirkova
Executive Director
“Our mission consists in applying all our efforts to saving severely ill children and not let people forget of the most important thing: of compassion and love towards those who need it so much”.

Varvara Nekrasova.
Varvara Nekrasova
Head of the PR and Mass Media Group
“There is an opinion that philanthropy is for the wealthy and famous, and just a few people may think how wrong this is. Everybody can engage in philanthropy, this requires no special skills or additional resources, only sincere desire and a kind heart”.

Olga Ivanova.
Olga Ivanova
Press secretary
Those people who think that charity in our country for individuals: restless and ambitious, are mistaken. Meanwhile everyone can help children! And, above all, by easy ways. There are many different projects and programmes of Life-Line Charity Foundation, aimed to help children. I am glad that attitude to charity is changing every year a better way. Many people visit our events and they are always ready to support and help. And when I see their eyes, it is perfectly clear to me, that everything will change for the better!

Sergey Yukhin.
Sergey Yukhin
Special Projects Coordinator
“Charitable projects are a sure way of providing children with necessary resources for treatment. I am glad to have an opportunity to apply my professional knowledge toward helping those in need”.

Olga Abashina.
Olga Abashina
Projects Coordinator
“Philanthropy is a sure way towards changing the world. If your thoughts, desires and actions are directed at helping others, you will succeed. And when that happens, you can say that you have contributed to making the world a better place”.

Darya Shadrina.
Darya Shadrina
Head of the Fundraising Department
“ Loving and believing in your cause are the most important things for success. When you see the results of your work, you do not want to rest on the laurels, and you want to go forward. Happy lives of children is the result of our work. And every life saved is a proof of the necessity of our cause”.

Yulia Brilliantova.
Yulia Brilliantova
Administrator of corporate and private donations programmes
Everyone likes to guess an exact gift. Charity means to give someone exactly what he is needed at this very moment. And the best present for sick children and their families is support and recovery. There is no need to wait for Santa Claus, when everyone can work a miracle!

Irina Ryabushkina.
Irina Ryabushkina
Head of Private Programmes
“A child doomed to live under constant medical surveillance is a manifestation of the highest injustice. When I see happy smiles on the faces of the children whom we were able to save, I am yet again convinced of the absolute necessity of our cause”.

Natalya Goryacheva.
Natalya Goryacheva
Administrator of Private Donations Project
“By helping others one first of all helps themselves”.

Galina Korneeva.
Galina Korneeva
Chief Accountant
“Everybody can contribute to making the world a better place. And is there anything more important than saving a child’s life?”

Natalya Polyakova.
Natalya Polyakova
“Philanthropy is truly a noble and respectable cause. Helping ill children means giving them a chance to live a normal life. I am very glad to have an opportunity to work and improve my skills at the “Life Line” Fund”.

Yulia Nikiforova.
Yulia Nikiforova
Consultant, member of the Fund Council
“By providing financial and moral support to those who need it, we are thus exhibiting the best human qualities: compassion, mercy, empathy. I am glad that the number of compassionate people who are ready to give and help others is growing every day”.

Inna Valkova.
Inna Valkova
Director of the Assistance Programme
“My professional and social activity as well as my education have always been related to the social and medical field. In this Programme I see a real chance for not only helping specific children, but also for bringing philanthropy in Russia to a professional level”.

Irina Filippova.
Irina Filippova
Manager of the Assistance Programme
“Thanks to working at the “Life Line” Fund I have discovered how many people are ready to help. People who do not stay indifferent and help saving lives of total strangers”.

Ekaterina Terekhina.
Ekaterina Samokhvalova
Administrator of the Assistance Programme
“While working at the “Life Line” Fund, I gained an opportunity to observe and feel how caring and sincere desire to make this world a better place literally materialize helping children enter their lives healthy and happy. This is also a chance better oneself as well”.

Alena Shutaya.
Alena Shutaya
Manager of the Assistance Programme
It is really a great sensation to know that the result of our charity activities is a childs life.